Expand your influence and better guide your clients and stakeholders by becoming a trusted advisor. Discover how to quickly uncover client’s needs, challenges and future opportunities through our powerful method of framing conversations.

Sales and Consulting Training

OUR APPROACH - Sales & Consulting Training

Our approach to sales and consulting, built over the last 21 years, is to place the customer internal or external at the very centre of every conversation. We know that building deep rapport and understanding, via strategic diagnostic conversations, enables you to curate valuable tailored solutions. Our structured methodology involves swiftly gaining actionable insights into clients' needs, challenges and future opportunities and in turn being able to educate and challenge them with new ideas and perspectives. Given our approach to sales is to understand first, you won't be surprised to know that bespoke design is incredibly important to us so the Programs highlighted below are always adapted to your unique business needs.


Learn the process of fostering real connection with clients, identifying and appealing to emotive and rational needs, asking expansive questions that reveal desires and vital information and turning that into a compelling solution.


Learn to turn numbers and data into meaning that a client or stakeholder can use and work with. Learn the art of communicating vivid insights to be able to hold insight-led stakeholder conversations in a compelling and relevant manner that elevate the conversation beyond the numbers.


Learn the distinct skills and mindset required to succeed in the service industry. Understand and explore the touch points, pitfalls and techniques required to create customer advocacy.


Learn how, in an increasingly regulated environment, to provide the highest level of service, advice and protection to you, your client and the organisation.
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We selected Phuel to work with us and to put it simply they were very different. From the outset they really understood our needs, were bold in their solution design, and the delivery to a tough audience group was impressive. All of the Phuel team displayed a passion and professionalism to their work which instilled confidence and delivered the solution we needed.