Recognise the crucial role resilience and wellbeing play in all facets of your personal and professional success. Use increased awareness to more optimally deal with adversity and challenge as well as increasing your effectiveness, energy, focus and productivity by cultivating a sharp, clear mind.


Our approach to resilience and wellbeing is that they are learnable skills that can differentiate between those who merely cope and those who actually thrive in uncertain times. Navigating today's increasingly complex and volatile business terrain requires deep reservoirs of tenacity, optimism and hardiness. We use one of the world's most advanced, scientifically grounded and widely adopted adversity assessment tools to inform how we empower and embed a resilience mindset in individuals and organisations.


Measure and strengthen your organisations ability to handle adversity. Equip people to fundamentally and permanently strengthen their personal resilience. Teams take home their AQ Profile® and Real Deal values clarification system to further embed, support and solidify the learnings.


Quickly assess and improve your team's ability to handle adversity. Individuals discover how to improve their personal resilience and teams learn the patented CORE methodology of enhancing AQ.


Leaders can leverage the insights gleaned from the AQ measurement to improve motivation, provide appropriate support, and drive superior performance. Leaders will learn the LEAD Sequence, a protocol of that ensures teams encountering difficulty remain energised and highly productive.


The world's best kept productivity secret! Properly understood and implemented, mindfulness results in increased focus, motivation and creativity. In addition to helping maintain peak performance, it produces extraordinary benefits for an organisation's culture. As people become more attuned to how their moods and behaviours effect others, we see more empathy and strong personal bonds generated. Social cohesion tends to be enhanced as people become more adept at self-awareness and self-regulation.

Phuel delivered the Adversity Quotient at our team offsite which was themed 'Adapt & Thrive'. The facilitation was outstanding and the content fantastic for teams who want to build resilience and adopt a growth mindset.