Recognise the crucial role Mental Toughness, Resilience and Wellbeing play in all facets of your personal and professional success. Use increased awareness to more optimally deal with stress, pressure adversity and challenge as well as increasing your effectiveness, energy, focus and productivity.

Resilience and Mindfulness Coaching and Training

OUR APPROACH - Resilience & Mental Toughness

Our approach to mental toughness, resilience and wellbeing is that they are learnable skills that can differentiate between those who merely cope and those who actually thrive in uncertain times. Navigating today's increasingly complex and volatile business terrain requires deep reservoirs of tenacity, optimism and hardiness. We use one of the world's most contemporary and scientifically grounded assessment tools to inform how we empower and embed both a resilient and positive mindset in individuals and organisations.


Mental Toughness is a plastic personality trait which means it can be developed.Developing Mental Toughness teaches you to handle stress, pressure and change more effectively through making fundamental shifts in the way you think about problems and by equipping you with the tactics and strategies that mentally tough people use.Our highly tailored Program uses the MTQPlus™ psychometric tool and will measure your mental toughness as well as provide tools and techniques to optimise performance and wellbeing.


Challenge yourself in this 4-hour workshop to reach peak performance and commence the journey to becoming the best version of you.Our Mental Toughness Express Workshops include the MTQ 4Cs™ assessment and are dynamic, energetic, engaging and challenge you to unleash your full potential to reach peak performance in your personal, professional or sporting life.


For many people in leadership positions, both work and life are becoming more challenging and many now report that they are becoming increasingly stressed. Mental Toughness is a significant factor in determining how a Leader responds to stress, pressure and challenge – and how that impacts on performance, wellbeing and positive behaviours of their teams.Our program utilises the ILM72™ assessment tool and makes it possible to measure an individual’s adopted style and if necessary develop an individual's leadership style to achieve the best results for their team and the organisation.The Program provides leaders with development strategies and plans to help them perform under pressure, and to support others around them. This leads to better performance, wellbeing and, in many instances, an improved work-life balance. They will learn to approach challenges, stress and pressure with a positive ‘can do’ attitude.


The world's best kept productivity secret! Properly understood and implemented, mindfulness results in increased focus, motivation and creativity. In addition to helping maintain peak performance, it produces extraordinary benefits for an organisation's culture. As people become more attuned to how their moods and behaviours effect others, we see more empathy and strong personal bonds generated. Social cohesion tends to be enhanced as people become more adept at self-awareness and self-regulation.
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Phuel delivered the resilience program at our team offsite which was themed 'Adapt & Thrive'. The facilitation was outstanding and the content fantastic for teams who want to build resilience and adopt a growth mindset.