Your personal brand enters the room before you do. And it either opens doors or closes them. Take control of crafting your professional reputation and impact such that it's authentic, compelling, engaging and memorable.

Personal Brand & Professional Reputation Management Training

OUR APPROACH - Personal Brand & Professional Reputation

Our approach to personal branding is that it centres on helping those around you genuinely appreciate the value you can bring to their world. It begins with recognising how your behaviours are being perceived and impact your brand. Then we explore how to insightfully diagnose your key stakeholders' context and needs. We'll guide you through the four components that need to be addressed to demonstrate your true value and reveal how to match your skill set to their desired attributes in an authentic, relevant and connected way.


Learn the power of storytelling to captivate and inspire audiences. Cut through noise and capture heads and hearts by adding colour and shape to abstract concepts to aid comprehension and retention and make the message infinitely more memorable.


Improve delivery capability by learning how to emotionally connect to your audience, leveraging the power of non-verbals and mastering our 5-step structure for creating great content.


Develop improved capability through understanding and application of the Model of Influence. Explore Levels of Influence and Weapons of Influence including Reciprocity.


Identify and harness your individual communication style, develop your unique point of view and discover and develop the factors that have the greatest impact on communicating and listening.
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The Presentation Skills Coaching Program delivered exceptional value to us. Thank you Phuel.