Meaghan Archunde

Quirky. Comedic. Focused.

Grew up in New York, spent some time in England, and after marrying an Aussie moved to Sydney. In addition to loving travel, I’m an enthusiastic karaoke singer with a healthy love of film and movies. I play piano to relax. My husband is a chef which means I have never learned to cook but I make great reservations. A Favourite Quote: “Among my most prized possessions are the words I have never spoken.”

The best thing about what I do, is the opportunity to connect with people every day and capture and share insights. It’s really professionally satisfying to support an under-performing team and encourage them to collaborate and communicate better. It’s awesome to hear clients speaking of the relevancy of the training, and demonstrating vastly improved above the line behaviours and engagement.

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You don’t find yourself. You create yourself a little bit every day.- (unknown)