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Wayfinder - Phuelling women in leadership

Wayfinder - Phuelling women in leadership

Wayfinder is all about Professional Development for High Potential Women. Wayfinder is a challenging and holistic professional development program designed to embolden and equip high potential females with the necessary confidence, skills and tenacity to amplify their talents and contribution within your organization.

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The story for women is changing, but the re-writing is going to take time.

It’s no secret that although many organisations are working towards gender parity across all levels of their businesses, the progress is slow. The World Economic Forum 2021 report forecasts that it is likely gender parity will not be reached in under 100 years. Clearly we still have work to do.

This doesn’t come just at a cost for women, it comes at a cost for the teams they work on and the organisations they work in. The research tells us that:

  • Companies with more women in leadership roles perform better, have better family policies, higher staff retention, and greater profits.
  • Diverse teams are more innovative, productive and experience higher morale and greater employee engagement.
  • Employees on diverse and inclusive teams put in more effort and demonstrate greater commitment.

Wayfinder is a challenging and holistic professional development program designed to embolden and equip high potential females with the necessary confidence, skills and tenacity to amplify their talents and contribution within your organisation.


Wayfinder participants embark on a 7-module journey delivered over 6 months via a blended and immersive learning programme. A combination of face to face and virtual workshops allow for both remote access and collaborative networking and connection.

Accountability and support is assured throughout the programme, with participants being assigned learning partners and follow up work to be completed in between modules.

Friendships are formed, relationships are strengthened, confidence is collectively increased throughout the programme.


  • Be bolder, braver, more self-assured women with a firmer, more grounded understanding of the value they bring.
  • Have confidence in their abilities and the willingness to share their knowledge and expertise with clarity and authority through presentation and storytelling skills.
  • Possess greater self-awareness leading to greater understanding of how to flex their personal style to influence others.
  • Build the ability and confidence to manage and influence emotions of self and others in challenging situations.
  • Increase their visibility and profile among senior leaders in the business.

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Really loving this programme. It’s massively changing how I work, and also improving the way I think about my professional life, and my life in general.



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Phuelify - Virtual Workshops


Fully live-facilitated, interactive and experiential virtual workshops complete with energisers, breakout rooms, team challenges, discussion, debate, action and fun focused on the current critical needs most individuals, teams and organisations are facing into.

OUR APPROACH - Phuelify - Virtual Workshops

We’ve pushed ourselves to places we never thought we’d go, to literally replicate the in-room experience our clients have long looked to us for.

Fully live-facilitated, interactive and experiential online workshops complete with energisers, virtual breakout rooms, team challenges, discussion, debate, action and fun, focused on the current critical needs most individuals, teams and organisations are facing into.

We are currently facilitating virtual workshops from 90 minutes to multi-day duration on the following topics:


  • Personal Accountability: Self Leadership when no-one is watching
  • Mental Toughness and Resilience: Confidence and positivity in volatile times
  • What Matters Most: Understanding your drivers and values in times of uncertainty
  • Managing Your Motivation: The role attitude plays when times are tough
  • Emotional Intelligence: Unlocking the key to personal effectiveness
  • Time Management:Combating the urgency addiction
  • Setting Effective Goals: Challenging thinking around setting effective goals
  • Cultivating Curiosity: The secret ingredient to a more fulfilling life


  • Experience Change™: Aligning people and realising your potential
  • Managing Self Through Change: Conquering periods of change through a greater understanding of self and others.


  • The Value of Values: Aligning behaviours that uphold your values
  • Graduate Programs: Bespoke Learning Programs accelarating the development of your youngest people.


  • Leadership Conversations: Leading your team successfully, virtually
  • Building High Performing Teams: Discover how to build a truly cohesive and effective team
  • Trust: How to recognise it and how to build it for better business results
  • Wayfinder: Navigating women towards success


  • Innovation Fundamentals: Understanding and applying Design Thinking techniques
  • Forming Insights: Connecting information and inspiration
  • Ideation Techniques: Understanding the Heart of Design Thinking
  • Critical Thinking: Making considered, correct decisions when it matters most
  • Rock Star Run: Critical decision-making in high-pressure environments
  • Controller Chaos: Prioritization and collaboration in high pressure environments


  • Winning People Virtually: Presenting and delivering with impact in a virtual world
  • Engaging Clients Virtually: Developing lasting client relationships, even when you can’t shake hands
  • Facilitation Skills: Delivering great workshops and group sessions


  • Supercharge your Relationships with HBDI: Improving self-awareness and communication skills with HBDI
  • Communication Breakdown: The Importance of understanding each other to achieve results
  • Influence with Impact: Exerting influence without Impact
  • Courageous Conversations: Having the confidence to speak up in moments that matter
  • Storytelling Skills for Business: Engaging your people to create and tell stories with impact
  • Personal Branding: You never get a second chance to make a first impression
  • Internal Consulting Skills: Developing mindsets and skills for successful internal business partnering

And more!

Our commitment to you? We guarantee that on top of the great learning you would expect, for every one of your team who participates in a Phuelify workshop, it will be the highlight of their day. And right now, that engagement and circuit breaker is so important.

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Relevant and contemporary content delivered with expert and energetic facilitation; high interaction, engagement, fun and learning - all in the virtual environment! I’m a fan!



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Sales and Consulting


Expand your influence and better guide your clients and stakeholders by becoming a trusted advisor. Discover how to quickly uncover client’s needs, challenges and future opportunities through our powerful method of framing conversations.

Sales and Consulting Training

OUR APPROACH - Sales & Consulting Training

Our approach to sales and consulting, built over the last 21 years, is to place the customer internal or external at the very centre of every conversation. We know that building deep rapport and understanding, via strategic diagnostic conversations, enables you to curate valuable tailored solutions. Our structured methodology involves swiftly gaining actionable insights into clients' needs, challenges and future opportunities and in turn being able to educate and challenge them with new ideas and perspectives.


Given our approach to sales is to understand first, you won't be surprised to know that bespoke design is incredibly important to us so the Programs highlighted below are always adapted to your unique business needs.


Learn the process of fostering real connection with clients, identifying and appealing to emotive and rational needs, asking expansive questions that reveal desires and vital information and turning that into a compelling solution.


Learn to turn numbers and data into meaning that a client or stakeholder can use and work with. Learn the art of communicating vivid insights to be able to hold insight-led stakeholder conversations in a compelling and relevant manner that elevate the conversation beyond the numbers.


Learn the distinct skills and mindset required to succeed in the service industry. Understand and explore the touch points, pitfalls and techniques required to create customer advocacy.


Learn how, in an increasingly regulated environment, to provide the highest level of service, advice and protection to you, your client and the organisation.
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We selected Phuel to work with us and to put it simply they were very different. From the outset they really understood our needs, were bold in their solution design, and the delivery to a tough audience group was impressive. All of the Phuel team displayed a passion and professionalism to their work which instilled confidence and delivered the solution we needed.



Leadership & Management Training

Leadership Development


Enhance your leadership capability to navigate in these uncertain times. Realise the full potential of the individual, team & organisation by learning the key behaviours required to lead yourself, influence your team in a powerful, ethical and authentic way and to embed real cultural change.

Leadership Development Training - Leadership Courses & Classes

OUR APPROACH - Leadership Development

Our approach to leadership is to focus on and enhance the behavioural aspect of what it takes to lead. In order to be an effective leader today, there needs to be an evolution away from ‘command and control’ and an appreciation of situational leadership. We emphasise that leadership effectiveness is about taking responsibility for achieving exceptional results consistently despite uncertainty, lack of direction, and a changing environment. In order to navigate through this VUCA environment, leaders must consider not simply fiscal outcomes but also the behaviours and cultural norms of the teams they lead and the organisation they represent.


Given the above, you won't be surprised to know that bespoke design is incredibly important to us so the Programs highlighted below are always adapted to your unique business needs. This includes pre-work, on the job learning and post Program embedding.


This Program is designed to help encourage, empower and embolden women to stand up, speak up, and step up into the roles and responsibilities that will harness their many talents for the future wellbeing of your organisation and your clients.


Learn about your personal leadership impact, the expectations of a leader now and into the future, how the agile leader behaves and what your leadership brand is. Typically includes completion of one of our leadership assessment tools such as the ILM72 Mental Toughness assesement measuring leadership style and effectiveness.


Learn the importance of flexing your communication style, effective time and energy management, problem solving and decision making and how to build empowerment through delegation.


Learn what drives behaviour change, the criticality of coaching and feedback conversations and master the skills of difficult conversations and conflict management.


Learn how to create an environment to enable high performing teams, understand the role of Leadership in change, have confidence in articulating change messages and be able to share your leadership story.


Learn how to apply complex problem solving techniques to enable leaders to tackle anticipated future trends, build an agile mindset to lead diverse teams and develop enhanced leadership presence through Emotional Intelligence.


Leadership basics for individuals making the transition to Leadership roles for the first time. Learn and practice essential principles, tools, tips and techniques such as leadership flexibility, knowing when to coach and when to train, challenging conversations and leading.


Embedding and reinforcement of any newly acquired skill relies heavily on the coaching capability of peers and particularly leaders. Learn how to make coaching a natural part of the organisational culture.
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I have engaged Phuel for a number of years and all levels of the organisation have been delighted in the results. So much so that we keep going back for more! From project inception through to implementation, conclusion and follow up, Phuel has supported and guided our team to success.I would strongly recommend Phuel to any organisation embarking on a cultural change journey.



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Innovation is a key success factor in this topsy-turvy world where established companies can be killed with an app. Start seeing new opportunities around you, get your creative juices flowing, and get your great ideas to market faster.

Corporate and Business Innovation Training

OUR APPROACH - Business Innovation Training

Our approach to innovation is that it must permeate your entire organisation. With the business environment rapidly changing and becoming increasingly complex and ambiguous, organisations need enterprise-wide innovation capability. Design Thinking is the repeatable problem-solving methodology we use to approach the complexity of modern business. Also known as human-centred design it is tried-and-tested model for creatively solving complex challenges. Our suite of innovation programs foster vital creative habits like deep user empathy, radical collaboration and rapid experimentation which lead to embedding a culture of innovation across the business. From simply creating awareness to deep expertise we can partner with you to embed practical creativity into your company today.


Given we are talking innovation, you won't be surprised to know that the Programs highlighted below are constantly evolving and changing to meet your business needs!


Learn WHAT an innovation process is, WHY it is so effective and practice HOW to apply the tools and mindset. Includes completion of a rapid full cycle of Design Thinking via our award winning ExperienceInnovation - Learn™  simulation.


Designed specifically for Leaders, create an understanding of how innovative solutions link to your business strategy and growth. Discover how to develop a common language and mindset for innovation, how to integrate Design Thinking into your work culture, and the techniques for teaching and coaching teams within your business.


Bring your business challenge and learn then instantly apply Design Thinking methodology such as divergent to convergent thinking, rapid prototyping, evaluating ideas through the three lens approach, and idea cross-fertilisation.


Working as part of a project team, tackle real work challenges and generate real value whilst learning the tools, techniques and processes of Design Thinking. A potent combination of high intensity workshops as well as group and 1:1 coaching you will develop Design Thinking skills in an applied and practical manner.


In this two hour session we introduce your people to essential Design Thinking techniques, mindsets and behaviours. Discover how to bring creative habits like deep user empathy, radical collaboration and rapid experimentation to one’s work every day.
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The team from Phuel facilitated a problem definition workshop for 50 or so of our staff, plus a few more on Skype, as part of an ideas challenge we are running. They are fantastic facilitators who commanded the room, and presented the tricky concept of problem definition in a coherent and though provoking way. Phuel's approach was professional from beginning to end, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them

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Personal Brand & Impact


Your personal brand enters the room before you do. And it either opens doors or closes them. Take control of crafting your professional reputation and impact such that it's authentic, compelling, engaging and memorable.

Personal Brand & Professional Reputation Management Training

OUR APPROACH - Personal Brand & Professional Reputation

Our approach to personal branding is that it centres on helping those around you genuinely appreciate the value you can bring to their world. It begins with recognising how your behaviours are being perceived and impact your brand. Then we explore how to insightfully diagnose your key stakeholders' context and needs. We'll guide you through the four components that need to be addressed to demonstrate your true value and reveal how to match your skill set to their desired attributes in an authentic, relevant and connected way.


Learn the power of storytelling to captivate and inspire audiences. Cut through noise and capture heads and hearts by adding colour and shape to abstract concepts to aid comprehension and retention and make the message infinitely more memorable.


Improve delivery capability by learning how to emotionally connect to your audience, leveraging the power of non-verbals and mastering our 5-step structure for creating great content.


Develop improved capability through understanding and application of the Model of Influence. Explore Levels of Influence and Weapons of Influence including Reciprocity.


Identify and harness your individual communication style, develop your unique point of view and discover and develop the factors that have the greatest impact on communicating and listening.
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The Presentation Skills Coaching Program delivered exceptional value to us. Thank you Phuel.



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Resilience & Mental Toughness


Recognise the crucial role Mental Toughness, Resilience and Wellbeing play in all facets of your personal and professional success. Use increased awareness to more optimally deal with stress, pressure adversity and challenge as well as increasing your effectiveness, energy, focus and productivity.

Resilience and Mindfulness Coaching and Training

OUR APPROACH - Resilience & Mental Toughness

Our approach to mental toughness, resilience and wellbeing is that they are learnable skills that can differentiate between those who merely cope and those who actually thrive in uncertain times. Navigating today's increasingly complex and volatile business terrain requires deep reservoirs of tenacity, optimism and hardiness. We use one of the world's most contemporary and scientifically grounded assessment tools to inform how we empower and embed both a resilient and positive mindset in individuals and organisations.


Mental Toughness is a plastic personality trait which means it can be developed.

Developing Mental Toughness teaches you to handle stress, pressure and change more effectively through making fundamental shifts in the way you think about problems and by equipping you with the tactics and strategies that mentally tough people use.

Our highly tailored Program uses the MTQPlus™ psychometric tool and will measure your mental toughness as well as provide tools and techniques to optimise performance and wellbeing.


Challenge yourself in this 4-hour workshop to reach peak performance and commence the journey to becoming the best version of you.

Our Mental Toughness Express Workshops include the MTQ 4Cs™ assessment and are dynamic, energetic, engaging and challenge you to unleash your full potential to reach peak performance in your personal, professional or sporting life.


For many people in leadership positions, both work and life are becoming more challenging and many now report that they are becoming increasingly stressed. Mental Toughness is a significant factor in determining how a Leader responds to stress, pressure and challenge – and how that impacts on performance, wellbeing and positive behaviours of their teams.

Our program utilises the ILM72™ assessment tool and makes it possible to measure an individual’s adopted style and if necessary develop an individual's leadership style to achieve the best results for their team and the organisation.

The Program provides leaders with development strategies and plans to help them perform under pressure, and to support others around them. This leads to better performance, wellbeing and, in many instances, an improved work-life balance. They will learn to approach challenges, stress and pressure with a positive ‘can do’ attitude.


The world's best kept productivity secret! Properly understood and implemented, mindfulness results in increased focus, motivation and creativity. In addition to helping maintain peak performance, it produces extraordinary benefits for an organisation's culture. As people become more attuned to how their moods and behaviours effect others, we see more empathy and strong personal bonds generated. Social cohesion tends to be enhanced as people become more adept at self-awareness and self-regulation.
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Phuel delivered the resilience program at our team offsite which was themed 'Adapt & Thrive'. The facilitation was outstanding and the content fantastic for teams who want to build resilience and adopt a growth mindset.



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High Performing Teams


Improve collaboration, cohesion and communication within your teams by championing attention to details, radical accountability, full-tilt commitment and deep trust.

Team Coaching, Team Training

OUR APPROACH - Team Coaching & Team Training

Our attitude towards teams is that they are the lifeblood of an organisation. And at the heart of high performing teams is collaboration. They seamlessly work together to share information and resources, to break down silos and find synergies, to execute the leader’s clear vision and to solve problems more effectively. In order to generate these levels of communication and cohesion, teams must examine their leadership and group styles to identify shortcomings and areas for improvement. Our assessments pinpoint where and how to foster greater connection and collaboration and form part of the facilitated solution.


Avoid common dysfunctions in order to generate richer communication, deeper alignment and greater levels of collaboration.


Recognise the effective and ineffective thinking styles that ultimately determine overall performance. Build team cohesion by identifying how to accommodate, appreciate and leverage disparate styles.


Develop and align your team by better understanding their unique styles of interaction. Identify behaviours for the group to change and build or strengthen to better achieve synergy.


Improve self-awareness and communication skills by understanding individual's thinking preferences. Reduce interpersonal conflict by being able to appreciate team member differences.
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We used Phuel for our Talent Program. They took the time to understand the dynamics of the group and our business before working with us to tailor a program for our staff. The feedback from all involved was glowing!