ROCK STAR RUN™ - Face to Face & Virtual

Rock Star Run™ - Face to Face & Virtual gives participants an opportunity to embrace their inner rock star as they virtually navigate their way to their concert venue. Under time and information pressure agility, critical decision making, strategy implementation and understanding the implications of their choices on immediate and long term outcomes will be critical to their success.

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Critical Decision Making


It is almost impossible to know everything you need to know before making important business decisions.Rock Star Run™ - Face to Face & Virtual provides the perfect environment for testing individual and team abilities to manage complexity and uncertainty. To thrive they will need to take the best known knowledge they have at any moment in time and make critical decisions, while remaining agile enough to flex and deal with the pressure to get a result.


In this time-pressured 3-hour virtual challenge, the rock bands are on the run. Their goal is to get from their hotel to their concert venue before the set deadline ready to play. Working together, they need to successfully navigate the city, making decisions and deciding on strategies based on the intelligence at their disposal. Participants explore the key elements behind successful teaming, business acumen and decision making - focusing on an individual’s and team’s ability to work together and make decisions while remaining agile and understanding the implications of their choices on immediate and long term outcomes.


  • Understanding business issues in complex and uncertain environments, and balancing priorities for the best possible result.
  • Being aware of the impact and flow-on consequences of decisions made, given the best-known knowledge in time-pressured situations.
  • Making critical decisions and remaining agile as a team, given ambiguity and pressure to achieve results.
  • Living and thriving in a VUCA environment; dealing with obstacles and altering the anticipated course when we need to.

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Rock Star Run™ - Face to Face & Virtual was so much fun with great facilitation. We loved working in the breakout rooms as we got to work with people we don't work with every day. Great learnings as we'd expect. The best testimonial I can give you is we had one person who does not like online training and was not looking forward to it and said after they LOVED it!