Understand your customer and forge effective partnerships to stop the competition in its tracks. Rattlesnake Canyon™ simulates a real-life market scenario. Discover how to leverage effective partnerships to meet your customer’s needs and create a significant competitive edge.

Counting Money

Understanding Customer Needs


Do we really know what our customer need is? Unless we identify this at the outset, all other efforts fall short. And, once identified, how do we best satisfy that need and make a profit? Moreover, how do we contend with shifting market trends, competition and tight deadlines.


When the railroad proposes to connect Rattlesnake Canyon™ with the outside world, everyone – both Settlers and Merchants – can sense the business potential. With only four weeks to secure all the materials needed for the track and worker’ camp, in this fast-paced, high-energy, simulated marketplace, you’ll soon grasp how powerful strategic partnerships can be and how critical it is to understand the customer. Managing to do both of these amid the hectic competition, changing customer demands and dynamic marketplace is no simple task. You’ll need to engage all your sales, negotiation and communication expertise to be successful.


  • Build effective partnerships, both internal and external.
  • Uncover, understand, and respond to the true customer need.
  • Initiate efficient processes that expedite workflow and proactive customer service.
  • Adopt a mindset for pursuing maximum profit potential.

Best training I have done. Thank you! You brought so much energy to the session. I loved it!