Resources are often limited, and deciding how to best use them can be a challenge. Well-intentioned activity without great productivity is commendable, but not optimal.


Resources are often limited and deciding how to allocate them is a daily challenge, but what happens to the customer whlist we're juggling priorities behind the scenes? If we improve how we negotiate and manage resources, surely we can improve upon every customer interaction. Since our ultimate goal is to provide the best service experience possible isn't it worth upgrading our service and resource management skills? Movies and Moguls offers this upgrade.


You're making movies, but there's a lot to accomplish before the lights and the camera are turned on! In Movies and Moguls™ you will take the role of either a Producer of Specialised Agent. In teams of either profession, your goal is two-fold: create a blockbuster movie and be as profitable as possible. This will take planning, efficient resource management, goal directed negotiations and adaptability to changing circumstances. All of this whilst delivering the optimal customer experience with limited time and no shortage of competition.


  • Negotiate effectively with a wide variety of people and agendas.
  • Identify resources with the highest value; rediscover previously undervalued ones.
  • Intelligently allocate resources for maximum impact on the overall objective, whether customer service, profitability or strategy implementation.
  • Capitalise on surprise opportunities via swift decision-making and effective transactions.
  • Maintain a results-centered focus while enhancing both internal and external customer service.

Working with Phuel has been a great experience from the initial contact through to the delivery. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and having them support us through our event.