With limited time and resources, groups must rely on planning, wise decisions and great teamwork to maximise their result. The pressure and intensity of Jungle Fire™ mirrors those experienced daily in a hectic work environment.


In a world of “Ready, fire, aim”, organisations need to re-learn the vital importance of quiet thoughtful deliberation before aggressive execution. When we feel pressured to produce, it’s easy to skip the planning stage and jump straight into action. But if we do the analysis and make wise decisions from the outset, the path to improved results becomes much clearer and the potential greater.


It's a jungle out there and only the fittest survive! In this highly experiential 2-hour program, teams, equipped with the necessary survival gear, set out to battle the perils of the Amazon in search of fabled treasure. Participants have to battle anacondas and grabber monkeys but also the temptation to skip planning and launch straight into action. During their journey, participants contend with deadlines, differing points of view, the challenges of resource utilisation and when to take bold yet calculated risks.


  • Understand the value of having the right objective.
  • Identify and use all relevant information.
  • Recognise the importance of upfront planning.
  • Execute your plan using all team members effectively.

Phuel did an extraordinary job devising and moderating a full day session. The results were far better than we could have hoped for and we're already planning for next year.

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