Generate extraordinary results and maximise relationships. Recognise that how you deliver is just as important as what you deliver. Influence and interact in order to be as productive as possible whilst maintaining integrity and great professional relationships.

COUNCIL OF THE MARBLE STAR™ | Creating Corporate Culture

Creating Corporate Culture


Creating lasting, productive business relationships within the context of corporate culture can be a daily challenge. You’ve committed to delivering a specific result and you must do that consistently with personal integrity and company values. Council of the Marble Star™ challenges you to succeed in two arenas, profit and values, because how you achieve a result is as important as the result itself.


As elite members of 12 clans, each clan member is challenged to prove that they are role models, capable of achieving exceptional results through challenge and change. Influencing skills come to the fore as ancient stones, coins and wisdom are traded and bartered. But, this is only part of their challenge. Clans must also pass the legendary Test of the Shumas — a test of values as judged by their fellow clans. Participants experience the challenges and rewards of real win-win negotiating and managing the flow of communication whilst at the same time ensuring they are building productive, long term relationships. Can you find the balance between relationships and results?


  • Negotiate and build lasting, productive relationships that drive the results you promised.
  • Synchronize culture with commerce.
  • Learn to match your intentions with the perceptions of others.
  • Discover the fundamentals to genuinely transforming culture.

The whole team at Phuel delivered a tailored experiential session, using Council of the Marble Star™ for our large sales team following a very efficient consultation process, delivering a result that exceeded our expectations in an incredibly tight time-line. Thanks for your flexibility and expertise!