Bringing humour, energy, participation and moments of inspiration that engage and align audiences over the course of the conference or offsite agenda.

MC & Conference Facilitation


Businesses need to align and inspire their leadership, management and frontline teams at velocity and scale. Yet, audiences have never had such high expectations and low tolerance for “conferences-as-usual”. Facilitating a conference in a boldly dynamic way requires someone with mastery in the art and science of group dynamics, information architecture and audience engagement. Critically, you also need someone to provide the spark at the front of the room! Someone to take responsibility for the atmosphere and EQ so the content delivered, by either the MC or others, has the best possible chance of landing and creating the change you are looking for. We take our 21 years of experience working with organisations and audiences from across the corporate landscape throughout Australia and Asia and combine it with astute business acumen and a deep understanding of group psychology.


Our facilitators and MCs create energy and interaction with the audience, make people laugh, are warm but take control, have the flexibility to improvise when needed, have a plethora of energisers, activities and micro-content up their sleeve to keep people thinking and physically present, have the skill to facilitate group discussions, brainstorming, strategy formulation and Q & A panels, coach and prepare other presenters to hit the mark, keep the focus on the participants, not the facilitator. And most importantly, control the physiology of the group.

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I believe what you do is ART, and I’m grateful for the messages you delivered to us and for the energetic, convincing and high impact ways you chose to do that.