Build capabilities and behaviours

We all recognise that random acts of training across an organisation generally fail to create lasting behavioural growth or change. That’s why it’s so important that skills you want to develop have a clear connection with your organisation’s strategic objectives and that they will be supported by the culture in which they are demonstrated. Through asking the right questions and importantly, listening carefully to the answers, we understand and clarify your exact needs.

We are then able to develop the concepts and content that will form the design framework for the program. We will always work closely with you to tailor a program that meets the needs of the business and participants alike. Because our belief is that individuals learn by doing and that your ROI depends on a sustained change, our solutions are all experiential in nature.


For Leaders and Individual Contributors

Building Effective Relationships

Gain the relational knowledge, perspective, and behavioural skills needed to realise productive and professional growth by working more effectively with others. Key modules include:

  • Exploring and activating the factors that have the greatest impact on communicating and listening
  • Developing strategies to improve personal impact and influence
  • Identify those personal strengths (and development areas) in order to understand how they contribute to, or stand in the way of achieving excellence in leadership, judgement, relationships, personal and team performance


Dealing with a specific program of change is no longer enough, change is the new norm and it’s ever present. Agility and resilience therefore, have never been more important within the corporate environment. AQ forms an integral part of our solution to this challenge. Key modules include:

  • Providing participants with the opportunity to measure and strengthen their agility and resilience. AQ is about what it takes to get things done
  • Built around a normative psychometric measure of resilience called the Adversity Response Profile (ARP), participants have the opportunity to implement practical strategies and tools in their individual areas of need
  • How to coach and lead individuals to build up their agility and resilience


Achieved through a process of both qualitative feedback, assessment and reflection upon personal leadership behaviours and how they are currently received. What needs to change, and how, to engage more of your team in achieving organisational goals? Key modules include:

  • Building and leading teams - understanding the role of a leader, providing practical tools that can be used to activate the performance potential that lies within individual team members, and the team as a whole
  • Identifying and communicating performance challenges, as well as performance improvements through effective feedback conversations


Effectively diagnose team performance and current individual behaviours against best practice. Key modules include:

  • Applying a coaching standard to achieve sustainable behaviour change
  • Clearly identify the differences between Coaching and Performance Management
  • Gaining agreement on next steps


Our belief is that sales success is the result of a disciplined approach and process, not wishful thinking! How do you build and grow sales, as an individual or manager that can ensure expected targets are met, consistently? Our sales process is designed to make a lasting improvement to the sales performance of any business. Key modules include:

  • A clear, structured methodology that enhances an individual’s ability to quickly and effectively gain full visibility into the challenges and future opportunities of a client or customer
  • The ability to create responses, through effective diagnosis, that are a more tailored and structured solution. Providing extra value and /or selling other services that may have previously been left uncovered
  • Exploring the difference between the practice of “consulting” versus the act of selling - Building the clients confidence through a discovery process
  • Enhance the listening and questioning skills that drive a deeper understanding of the challenges and goals of either the client organisation or individual

Our range of sales development modules are a fast paced blend of theory and practical activities, designed to build on the selling skills currently being demonstrated. Whilst challenging and demanding, the goal is to always build skills and confidence in a safe, learning environment. These can then be coached and enhanced internally to ensure sustainability and continued results.


Prepare with ease and deliver with impact. A workshop that provides each individual with personal coaching they need to be a better, more compelling communicator when in front of an audience. Key modules include:

  • Providing a repeatable methodology for preparing presentations - explores the core components of structure along with a range of options that can be used for different scenarios
  • Delivery techniques to ensure engagement. These include voice, gestures and managing nerves
  • Planning and audience analysis - how best to adapt and target messages to ensure they land appropriately. How and where to research an audience and what are the key questions to ask
  • special focus is given to ensuring each participant is coached to be authentic so that they feel congruent and comfortable while presenting

The Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

A profiling diagnostic tool based on an individual’s thinking preferences. It seeks to organise individuals into one of four possible thinking preferences or styles. A great way to drive productivity and reduce interpersonal conflict, by appreciating the thinking differences of colleagues, as well as providing strategies to build up the weaker thinking styles of the individual.


A presentation that allows everyone to take something away, often unique to their own personal circumstances. This highly entertaining and thought provoking session is designed to get the audience thinking about their personal attitude. Not whether it’s “good” or “bad”, but how they use it in order to access skills and manage their responses to those daily challenges we all face. Threaded with relevant stories and scenarios, designed to raise anxiety levels on the one hand and uplift the spirit on the other, the session clearly illustrates the speed with which one's attitude can shift!! This one hour presentation can be delivered to 15 or 1500 people in an equally interactive, high energy and humorous way from beginning to end.

Life Styles Inventory (LSI)

The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) provides feedback to help individuals more clearly understand what is currently supporting and hindering their personal effectiveness, with guidance to developing more constructive styles of thinking and behaving. This is fully supported through researched links to personal satisfaction, stress, effectiveness and quality of interpersonal relationships.

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