by Phuel Australia | Aug 12, 2014

Written with Alastair White

For optimal performance in a compliance driven environment, a change in behaviour towards regulations needs to occur. Compliance needs to be made easy. When this change can occur, it enables your employees to perform at their peak and closes the gap between performers and under-performers.

How can compliance affect performance?    Image

To win business – your employees need to be asking great questions. Really great sales people understand the importance of discovery. They listen well and identify opportunities through the answers their potential clients and customers give. The old sales methodology of spray and pray (“tell them everything I know and hope and pray it suits them”) is not only ineffective it in no way allows a relationship to be established.

To be able to get that deep understanding of the challenges and goals of both the client organisation and the individual they are working with, the employee needs to know the compliance restrictions and regulations at the marco and micro level. This knowledge provides structure and boundaries around what they can ultimately offer or provide. The employee needs to know what they can or can’t do and how far they can push. They need to know what the compliance represents.

Equipped with knowledge, to be asking the right questions, it is easier to find the optimal solution. Without knowing the regulations, your employees will not be able to ask all the right questions. They also run the risk of been non-compliant to the organisation that employs them and also the formal regulatory bodies.

The more they know of the regulations and compliance, the better they can get to know their client and their clients needs. The more they know of their client, the better they can do their job.

The easiest way to be compliant is to understand the regulations and to make it natural. If the employees’ value the rules as individuals and inherently believe in them, their attitude towards compliance can change. The belief set of the optimal performer is compliant, so it is up to the organisation to ensure that this is shared with the team.

If you would like to know more about driving change in a compliance driven environment and getting optimal performance from your team, get in touch with Phuel.


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