Sound investment in your organisation’s human factor can drive high returns – both in terms of financial performance and employer brand desirability. Our first job is to understand the dials you’re aiming to shift and your cultural context in order to tailor a solution for maximum effect. Once we know what change we’re aiming to make, and why, we can help you measure it with quantitative and qualitative research throughout the learning journey.

As well as providing detail of how participants are reacting and benefiting from their training experience, we also offer the opportunity to fortify the learning outcomes.


An on-line Dashboard, designed to provide both a pre and post training analysis based on individual and team performance.

Key measures include self-benchmarking, knowledge retention and performance improvement. Whilst detailing important feedback on a program’s effectiveness, post-delivery, the Phuel Gauge can also provide invaluable input to your planning cycle and inform the upfront design phase through the insights captured.


Re-Phuel provides an online learning space that enables the learning journey to actively continue beyond the realms of the training room.

This online platform allows participants to revisit key concepts, tools and activities on a regular basis, at any time and on any device. Naturally, using a personalised log-in, all content is specifically tailored to best suit the needs of the learners.

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